Eggnog Martini & lights

Growing up in a house with 2 Jewish parents (in an area where I was one of the very few Jewish Kids) I had lots of cool menorahs, went to decorate the tree annually (just did it for the 29th year – we have being doing this with Pat & Mike before I was even concieved!), but always wanted by own “Hanukkah Bush”. Now as an adult, in my own house, with a boyfriend who loves Christmas – we got a tree!! We got a real 3 foot high ‘table-top’ tree, decorated with white (and blue/white snowflake) lights, homemade mint garland, and ribbon bows. After decorating the tree and picking up a container of EggNog (making my own – one day soon?) and sitting on the couch with the dogs, there was nothing more that we wanted than EggNog Martinis….


  • 1 shot Vanilla Vodka
  • 2 shots Dark Rum
  • 1 shot chocolate liquor
  • 16 ounces Egg Nog

Combine in mixer, shake, pour into martini glasses, top with nutmeg and shaved chocolate… enjoy the season with family!

More treats that we are I am making over the holidays will be posted in the coming days – as they get made and enjoyed! (I’m a ‘new’ blogger – not quite to the “make to post before” stage… you get it as I make it!)

Merry Christmas (Eve Eve) from Pennsylvania and Rachel, Rich, Boca, & Donner!


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