Asparagus Grilled Cheese

No matter how fancy the cooking gets, sometimes there is nothing better than an awesome Grilled Cheese.

I love Grilled Cheese (and any type of warm grilled sandwich/panini if we are really being honest here). Unfortunately, all of those carbs and cheese calories are not what my pants really love – but it is just so good that who can resist! We are only here to enjoy our lives for a short period of time, so I figure as long as we stay healthy – we are going to eat well! So enjoy Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup or Roasted Tomato Soup or Spicy Tomato Soup or Whatever you like!

ANYWAYS – back to today’s sandwich….. When I decided to challenge myself to make a Pea Soup that I would like, I knew I wanted a nice crusty sandwich to go with it. It was the middle of Asparagus Season and I had a few fresh-picked pieces on the counter. We also had fresh bread from Quiet Valley – so I knew that a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Asparagus would perfectly use those ingredients, in addition to pairing perfectly with the spring flavors of the soup!

We sure were not disappointed with this sandwich. In fact, the only two complaints that my Fiancè had was that there was not more of it AND that I didn’t take a photo of this sandwich with the Pea Soup. So, please just picture them together in your mind for me. Please & Thank You.

Asparagus Grilled Cheese

Asparagus Grilled Cheese
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • approx. 6 stalk asparagus (trimmed to the right sandwich length and cleaned)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • Cheese: the right amount to evenly cover your bread… Gruyere or Cheddar or Monterrey Jack – whatever
  • 2 slices of bread (whole wheat or sourdough)
  • optional: grainy mustard or hummus & butter
  1. Lightly grill the asparagus in a counter-top grill/panini press, or just roast at 400 degrees in the over about 15 minutes. Once it is tender and has some ‘cooked coloring’ to it – you are good. (if you roasted in the oven, it needs oil and the salt & pepper before the oven, if you do it on the counter-top season lightly once its cooked)
  2. Assemble your sandwich – asparagus to hang off the sides slightly, even layer of cheese and some hummus/mustard if you like. Grill in your Panini Press or the old-fashioned way on the stove-top with a little butter. The sandwiches are ready once your cheese has melted and the bread is golden brown on both sides.
inspired by Closet Cooking

Cut in half, serve with a fresh salad or some light soup (perhaps some Pea Soup to round out the spring-ness)


One Year Ago – BUTTER (if you have never made butter – I’m telling you, it is so super easy & beyond delicious & you must try it, now)

And I leave you with this, today’s Question of the Day… What are your favorite “fillings” for Grilled Cheese sandwiches (or what do you like to eat your grilled cheese with)?


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    • I agree, and love your post about the “power of cheese” – I love cheese (probably my weakness if I have to choose one – but it would be tough then when I start thinking of Chocolate & Chips/Salsa)…. yeah – lets just stick with how awesome cheese is for now!

  1. Asparagus grilled cheese! I love asparagus, but my boyfriend doesn’t… but he’d definitely be eating it if I layered it between cheese and bread 🙂

    • sometimes sneaking veggies into those boys can be as much of a challenge as it will be to get them in the little ones when we have kids!!

  2. This looks fantastic! Your pictures are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing. Yesterday i made my husband a grilled cheese with cheddar, cream cheese, spinach, red delicious apple slices, and a little red onion. He loed it, so I assume it turned out delicious! I’m glad I came across this post on here – your blog is great! 🙂

  3. Okay Miss Ring, here we go. 🙂 Under the first picture, there should be a comma after unfortunately. Also, under the second picture, the last sentence of that paragraph needs a comma after the but. In the bolded part right above the pictures of both the soup+ sandwich, the last sentence is a run-on. You might want to fix that. 🙂 Now I have to be picky. You said so in the gym.

  4. I like the way you think! For as many grilled “cheese” sandwiches I’ve made, I never thought to include asparagus. I adore those green stalks, so I must try this out asap, while they’re still in season.