Leadership & my Classroom

I love my classroom! Yeah, of course there are things that I would change about it, but it is such a fun place to spend my day! I wanted to take a break from food for a moment to share some views from my room…

My Door…
Mission Statement & Other things to Inspire

close-up of my Personal Mission Statement
(a Dr. Seuss quote)

We are a Leader in Me School which means we teach out students about the “7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Steven Covey. By teaching Leadership we are teaching our kids how to be the most effective people that they can be. My classroom and the quotes & such around the room hopefully help to inspire my students in some small ways, so I hope you enjoy my room as much as I do (not pictured are the CDs hanging from the ceiling and the twinkle lights all around – just ’cause they are fun)!

All 7 Habits
(also get aligned to each lesson, in addition to “objectives” I connect each lesson to a habit)

I teach 20 classes – these are their self-created “rules” as well as Sticker Charts to earn Sharpen the Saw (free technology) time

Garbage Can in front of my desk “Negativity Goes Here”

I hope that I inspire my students on a daily basis – there are days that I barely talk to other adults because I spend so much of my time and energy on my kids… but I wouldn’t change it in any way! I love to create videos with them (more on that another day), make bulletin boards, talk to them about their day/lives, and just make sure that they realize how much their teachers really do care about them 🙂

I love all my foam letters
I created a Leadership Word Mash with character traits of what I strive to do/be as a leader


Leadership & my Classroom — 5 Comments

  1. I love all of the positive messages you send to your students. What an inspiration !! I am very proud that you are my daughter !!!!

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