Christmas DIY Sparkly Tree Centerpieces

I have seen some really cute winter centerpieces around and wanted something that was affordable & adorable. So I decided that instead of just buying something and then having the same thing as everyone else, that I could quickly & easily whip something up myself!

The supplies needed (all found at my local Dollar Store, adding up to less than $10)

  • 3 foam cones (found in the flower/craft section)
  • 3 – 4 strands of garland (mine were 9 feet each & the two smaller trees each used less than a strand, while the taller one used almost 2 strands, depends on the thickness of your garland too)
  • foam pot bottom things (to give a tree height)
  • other foam circle/rectangle to give a 3rd height (I used an outdoor faucet cover which my mom found at the Dollar Store, use whatever works if you want 3 different heights)
  • glue gun

Pick your Garland & just glue in small sections the garland around the tree, working in circles. This is totally free form and easy to do. You could also add some mini flowers or lights or those fake berry things. Be creative, this is what you make it!

 Happy Holidays – now you need to look around and check out some of my yummy foods and then come back soon to see what I am cooking & crafting up!!

And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What item have you seen at the store and just had to have, so you recreated it yourself?


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