Proud to Teach

Every day I am proud to call myself a Teacher

Today we invited more than a dozen local Community Leaders into our school for a Leadership Lunch. At the lunch, some of our Student Leaders had a chance to talk to these adults about what goes on at our school and how Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders & The Leader in Me works within our school. The adults, in turn, had a chance to see how amazing our students are. By the end of our lunch, the Adults from the Community were standing to applaud our students as they were stating their admiration of what is going on in our school. In addition to being so impressed with our school and students, some of our adults were practically giving 5th and 6th Graders Job Offers!

Seeing our students lead not only today during our lunch, but also every day in ways beyond the maturity of what many people think of from a “tween” nearly brings tears to my eyes. These students are going to go far.  Just this year they have raised over $1,000 for Cancer Research (in one day), are organizing an Author Visit (Wendy Mass will visit our school this April), and they take the initiative to say “I want to ______” and as teachers, we know that we can trust them to take it on.

As a Teacher, I love seeing my students take charge of things in these big ways. But even more than leading in huge ways, I love seeing my students succeed and lead every single day in so many ways. I love seeing them when they figure out a math problem they have been struggling with. I smile with them when they complete the really long keyboarding program. I share in their joy when the little things go their way – and because I share in their daily victories I am able to take even more pride in these big victories!


So yes; I am PROUD to call myself a Teacher of the Students of DeFranco Elementary!



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  1. As a parent of three children in public schools, a taxpayer in two school districts and — a PR guy for the largest public school district in the northeast corner of Texas — I applaud you for your genuine love of your career. More importantly, I notice that you use words like ‘my’ and ‘our’ when talking about the kiddos. Good for you! (And even better for the children whose lives you are affecting in such a positive way!)

    • Thank You for your kind words Adam!

      My job as a teacher is something I love and one of the most important things in my life – I am quite lucky to have 500 Students to call “mine” and get to be a small part of each of their lives as I learn as much from them as they learn from me!

        • *MORE THAN 500 students – you will always be one of mine Emma! During our Leadership Lunch we also showed the video of our Morning… and it is the day you get your star; which is part of what makes it one of my favorite videos!

  2. You are such a caring, innovative teacher and your students are so lucky to have you as a mentor. We all wish that thee were/are more teachers like you . Congratulations to you, your students and your school !! LLK

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