Morocco Disney-Style Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread

Disney Epcot Goat Cheese Balls

While Celebrating my birthday in WALT DISNEY WORLD we made reservations for Restaurant Marrakesh in the Moroccan Pavilian for a late lunch (and snacked our way Around the World for the rest of the day). We decided on Marrakesh for lunch after hours of research and conversations – the meal was delicious and there was even some entertainment as well! (If we had more time, I also would have loved to dine France & meet Ratatouille, we’ll do that next time). When we got to Marrakesh, the lunch specials looked fantastic (there was a $19.99 one which was an appetizer, lunch & baklava and also a $27.99 Moroccan Special which included an appetizer, wide variety of lunch dishes and baklava). None of us were starving, so we combined those two special with two appetizers & just shared it all (sharing is a common occurrence in my family – thank goodness Rich was ok with that when we started dating, or this upcoming marriage thing would not be happening).

Disney Goat Cheese Balls Morocco

When the Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread arrived on the table, I just had to snap a quick photo because it looked so beautiful! Then, I took my first bite and knew I would need to recreate this at home! If you are a fan of Goat Cheese and all its bold flavors – then you will surely be a fan of this! It has the edge of the goat cheese, mixed with the salt of the olives, which is balanced by the sweeter crunch of the parsley and of course what does bread/crackers not make better!? Even my Mom who is not a huge goat cheese (or feta) person loved all of the cheeses at Marrakesh.

OUR Goat Cheese Balls

OUR Goat Cheese Balls

DISNEY Goat Cheese Balls

DISNEY Goat Cheese Balls

So make your dreams come true today & enjoy this appetizer.

…You can even use this as the start to your own Disney Celebration Dinner, which you can finish with Mouse Pops!

Morocco Disney-Style Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread
  • 1 4oz package your favorite goat cheese
  • 1 dozen kalamata olives
  • 1 small roasted red pepper
  • ½ teaspoon thick balsamic
  • ½ cup chopped parsley
  • your favorite crackers
  1. Allow your Goat Cheese to come to room temperature. While your Goat Cheese is warming up, put your olives, peppers, & balsamic in a mini food processor and puree until mostly smooth. Mix your cheese with the vegetables and place bowl in the fridge (covered with saran) to re-harden up a bit.
  2. Wash & dice your parsley and place on a serving platter. Gently from about a Tablespoon of Cheese into a ball (with two spoons or your hands). Stick a cracker in each ball & get ready to impress. Depending on the size of your balls, you can make about 10.


Disney Goat Cheese Balls

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And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What other Restaurant Favorites should I figure out some copy-cat (copy-mouse?) recipes for?


Morocco Disney-Style Goat Cheese with Crispy Bread — 3 Comments

  1. Yum! I love flavored goat cheeses and this one looks like a total winner. And it’s easy enough to recreate with my favorite gluten-free cracker 🙂

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