DIY Wedding Centerpieces

We are a month away from our wedding!

1.Sample Wedding Flower Bouquets from SR-4725-2

Over a year ago, my fabulous fiance proposed. His proposal took place after lots of hints from everyone, and most importantly after I made “Engagement Cake“. I could not have asked for a more perfect proposal and love that we have it captured forever! Our cake is all picked out (a variation of a cake that I made) – which will be created by one of my co-workers and taste amazing. The venue is a place of great importance to us, where I grew up working, and where we will stay involved (with our family one day) for years to come. The dress is beautiful, the wedding party is stunning, the food will be amazing (one would hope with me being a food-blogger), our Wedding Photographers are out of this world, and the flowers will be fun & easy to create….

our centerpieces, they look SO much better in person!

our centerpieces, they look SO much better in person!

3.Sample Wedding Flower Bouquets from SR-4736

The vibe for the wedding that we are going for is kind of rustic and kind of relaxed and “us”. Although professionally made centerpieces are absolutely amazing, we knew that we could create our own flowers (I will have a professional make my bouquet though – too much stress for me to try to make my own). After Pinning TONS of Wedding Ideas (Pinterest is heaven-sent for any sort of planning), we settled on some really cost effective & beautiful looking flowers.


Recently we picked up some flowers from our local Shop Rite to do a trial run of our wedding centerpieces. We are quite happy with how they turned out. (Wine Bottles have been collected from our wine-drinking AND from my Maid-Of-Honor who conveniently is a Bartender!) Although we purchased our sample flowers from Shop Rite (and they look great) the florist who is creating my bouquet was able to [almost] match the price from S.R. and I know she will have higher quality flowers – shopping around and doing research in anything can help save hundreds of dollars! The day before the wedding we will have some quality time and assemble all the centerpieces and place them in a walk-in-cooler at our venue. The day of the wedding our caterer and his assistants will place all the centerpieces, which will also have the table numbers I am making attached to them.

Sample Wedding Flower Bouquets from SR-4727

4.Sample Wedding Flower Bouquets from SR-4737.

5.Sample Wedding Flower Bouquets from SR-4731

With the Wedding just a month away, we are getting pretty excited (and I am excited the School Year is done so I can work on the many crafts I am creating) and as I create more things I will be sharing them with you. I am sorry for those of you who would rather read only food things – but this Wedding “Stuff” has been part of what has been keeping me from blogging as much as I would like to (plus it is fun and I want to share it). And no worries…. when we are home from our amazing Honeymoon, we will be sure to share even more details from our special day!

EXTRA flowers we aren't using

EXTRA flowers we aren’t using


Two Years Ago… Garlic Scape Pesto 6-18 garlic pesto AMAZING and totally freezeable and useable in an unthinkable amount of creations!




And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What is one thing you have done yourself (for your wedding or anything else) that you wish you would have left to someone else?

… hopefully I have no regrets on our DIY flower choice!


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  1. Opposite… I had the local Parish Priest marry us rather than having some who loves and knows us marry us – hopefully you can do better than that!

    • I know that the person who will be marrying us knows and loves us!!!

      Thank You for your feedback & constant support!!!

  2. I love the look of your flowers! Partial to blue, the last shot in the blue vase is awesome! The flowers will look great on the tables!

    • 🙂 I can’t wait to make all these centerpieces with my girls the morning before the wedding!

  3. These look perfect for your wedding! Even better than I imagined. We will have no problem getting these done. So simple and perfect for your theme! Great going, Rachel!

    • 🙂 this makes me smile – I have a GREAT team of people who love us and I know everything will be fantastic all day!

  4. Searching for ideas to inspire your theme can be fun but if you are stuck for inspiration then choosing seasonal flowers is a really good starting point. Although many of the classic bloom choices such as roses and lilies are available all year round there are many options that are seasonal. Choosing in season will mean that they are not only great value for money but they will also help to reflect the romance and quintessence of the time of year. We have brilliant suggestions for spring, summer, autumn and winter each featuring our favourite blooms for every season. We hope that you enjoy My Wedding Flower Ideas magazine and have fun choosing your wedding flowers and bouquets!

  5. Peonies are the perfect flowers for a romantic summer wedding – they are really versatile and can be used for a hand- tied bridal bouquets or for fabulous table arrangements . Use in your wedding bouquet for a beautiful romantic look or use in your wedding table centerpieces mixed in with other summer flowers for a display with gorgeous romantic English country wedding style. They’re available in a wide range of gorgeous colours from pure white through to soft pinks and delicate peach to deep pinks and rich and dark reds. Peak season for British-grown peonies is from mid May to the beginning of July but check availability with your florist at other times as they may be available imported.

  6. Flowers, whether fresh or artificial, add to the overall decor of a reception table. You can intergrate the color scheme of the wedding in your centerpieces and use some of the same flowers that are in your bridal bouquet. Flower centerpieces can be arranged into a specific shape or design, or they can be put together as a bouquet in a vase of water. However, you decide to integrate flowers into your centerpieces, they are sure to add color and warmth to the room.