Green Breakfast Smoothie

Mornings are Busy ~ Life is Busy ~ Breakfast is Important

Green Spinach Breakfast Smoothie

Skipping Breakfast is a really bad choice! If you have an extra 5 minutes in the morning, you can whip up a healthy breakfast smoothie every morning (which is as simple as your favorite fruits, some yogurt and/or milk). If you know that you don’t have that much extra time though, you still don’t have any excuse to not get some healthy stuff in your body first thing in the morning! I have started to make a batch of smoothies over the weekend, put them in the freezer and have them all week (more on that later).

This Green Smoothie is an amazing way to get lots of extra nutrition into your body quickly and easily first thing in the morning. Don’t be put off by its color (like my mom is), I am telling you that this is delicious. Feel free to adapt this to whatever flavors work for you – but this is one of the easiest ways I can think to have a great breakfast!

Green Smoothie

Green Breakfast Smoothie
Prep time
Total time
  • 1 cup spinach (about ½ bag from the pre-made salad bags)
  • ½ cup almond milk (or your favorite milk)
  • ¼ cup yogurt (low fat or greek or your favorite)
  • 1 banana (previously frozen to give you a super-cold smoothie)
  • 1 peach and/or ½ cup strawberries
  1. Throw all ingredients into your favorite blender. Take them for a whirl and be sure to scrape down the sizes and mix to ensure everything gets smooth.
  2. Optional Additions: Flax Seeds and Wheat Germ. Also feel free to use Kale instead of Spinach. Freeze any or all of your fruits

This is an updated version of the (awfully photographed) Green Smoothie I previously made

6-24 snickerdoodle muffin.2jpg

Two Years Ago – Snickerdoodle Muffins. Although these delicious Muffins are no where near as healthy as this Green Smoothie, they are totally delicious and an awesome special breakfast treat!



And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What is your favorite quick/easy breakfast?


Green Breakfast Smoothie — 12 Comments

  1. Knowing how your tastes are very similar to mine, I was expecting the green color was maybe from a quarter cup of wasabi. 🙂

    Truthfully, it looks great and I bet it’s delicious!

    • DadA…. I will have to work on creating a wasabi smoothie – sounds interesting!!

  2. When making green smoothies, it is best to use slightly more vegetables than fruits. In general, we strive to make our green smothies 60 percent greens and 40 percent fruits.

    • Excellent idea. Thanks for the tip. All the only fruit one’s give me an immediate headache. Too much sweet. I need more green anyway.

      • Teri, glad you enjoyed it!! I just whipped up a batch today with a whole bag of spinach, two apples & bananas and some pineapple juice… DELICIOUS!

  3. I have a secret. I don’t eat breakfast most days. No, actually, I drink it. In the form of a green smoothie. Yes, it looks like green sludge. I actually like that it looks so off-putting, because it tastes amazing. Much more smooth, sweet, and flavorful than you’d ever imagine. Honestly, it’s as good as any smoothie that uses just fruits. Nutritionally, it’s better.

  4. Drinking a green smoothie for breakfast will combine both fruit and green leafy vegetables in one delicious meal. It is like taking a huge vitamin pill right at the start of the day.

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