Jimmy’s Wood Burning Brick Oven Pizza, Stroudsburg PA

We hardly ever eat out… Because I love to cook so much, it often feels like more work to put on shoes and get in the car and drive to a restaurant. It is so much easier to just stay in my comfy clothes and make a mess of our house! AND since 95% of the time we cook really delicious food at home – it makes sense. I love to cook as much as my Husband loves my food, so going out to eat is a pretty rare occasion (which is really good for our wallets, especially with my love of sale-shopping and couponing). When we do go out to eat, we try make sure we are getting a good meal and it’s worth our time/money. We are usually actually pretty tough critics, so we have decided to try to start doing some Restaurant Reviews!

1Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven fire

Recently we visited Jimmy’s Wood Burning Brick Oven Pizza in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. This was our second time to Jimmy’s this year. Rich is a HUGE Fan of Pizza and his favorite is the kind which has been cooked in a Wood-Burning Oven. A friend told us about Jimmy’s and said that she thought we would really enjoy it. She was right – it is probably one of the best Pizza Joints in the area. Her family always gets calzones & stromboli, but since we are pizza people, that is what we stuck to this time. We have enjoyed it & look forward to experimenting with Jimmy & his staff!

2Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven rake and peel

3Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven stretching dough

4Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven pizza

5Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven sliced pie

6Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven good burn to crust

7Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven bite

Our Reaction to Jimmy’s…

  • Like good Wood-Fired New York Pizza!
  • Nice thin crust – it has just enough chew to it (Rachel would prefer a bit more of a “crunch” to the crust but Rich thought it was good – nice and “tough”, although it could stand to have a tiny bit more flavor/salt in it)
  • Quality ingredients (this time we ordered a traditional which uses shredded mozzarella, but last time we got the Margarita which uses fresh mozzarella)
  • Good Sauce (simple)
  • Friendly Service
  • Fair Prices (especially if you go on one of their “specials” nights – can’t beat the price for the quality)
  • Possibly Inconsistent – we will need to visit more to fully determine this, but the 1st time we went our crust was too thin and this time it was better. There were two different guys making them, so that could be it as well

8Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven building pie

Would we go back?


9Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven pizza slice


10Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven


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11Jimmy's Wood Burning Oven decor

And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… Do you have a favorite pizza place, and if you do – how would you describe their pizza?


Jimmy’s Wood Burning Brick Oven Pizza, Stroudsburg PA — 1 Comment

  1. Jimmys is the best pizza I found in the Poconos after a couple years of living here. See, how in the picture of the bottom of the slice, there is almost little small spots where its nearly black? Thats exactly how NY style pizza should be. It only turns out that way when the oven is extremely hot. Extremely hot ovens make great, crispy crust.
    Also, any good NY pizza sauce should be very simple, and that’s exactly how Jimmy’s makes it. Hats off to you guys!