6 Month Anniversary

It has been quite a half year… 6 months ago we got married! Since getting married we traveled to Jamaica & Costa Rica and have settled into the beginning of our “Happily Ever After”!

Wedding Dresses so often just get worn once, which just seems like such a waste! I have been a Kid’s Ski Instructor at Big Boulder Ski Area for 10 years. If we would have had a huge wedding, we would have invited some of my Boulder Family, but since we went small – I figured it would be fun to do something to celebrate with my Kids that I work with. What better way to celebrate our 6 Month Anniversary than Skiing in my dress!?



There are a few photos that my Mom snapped with our camera, can’t wait to share more with you from MK Photography. Yeah – they were there too!! Rich called them and had them come up to surprise me by taking real photos of our skiing wedding outfit adventure (yeah, he’s a keeper)





In addition to skiing in our Wedding Wardrobe we also had a sheet cake version of our Wedding Cake made by my amazing co-worker, Champagne, and a trio of crock-pot-dips. I highly recommend getting multiple wears our of your wedding dress… I mean, WHY NOT!?







And I leave you with, Today’s Question of the Day… Have you gotten multiple wears out of your Wedding Dress?


6 Month Anniversary — 4 Comments

  1. Congrats on six months! My wife (if she blogged) would have quite an essay later this year about being married to me for 20 years. It’s a fun ride when you marry your soul mate. Enjoy!

    • Adam, I think you should have her do a guest post!! I look forward to collecting many more stories in the years to come – figure skiing for 6 months would be a good way to start! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  2. While we may think you are a little crazy skiing in your strapless wedding dress, we are so happy to be part of your ‘Happy Ever After’ !!!

  3. Wow !! You both look so very happy !! What a wonderful way to commemorate the months since your wedding !! May you enjoy very many more happy celebrations !! Love, LLK