Coconut Macaroons – 3 Ways

COCONUT – if you are not a fan, you may want to stop reading right now, and stay away for the next few days!

In an effort to try to duplicate Manischewitz Macaroons for Passover, I have researched and read and Googled and recipe-book-searched and then finally cooked many batches of macaroons. Over the course of all of this research and subsequent cooking, I have luckily not tired of coconut or macaroons! I think we have a “tastes-most-like-Manischewitz” Winner, but that does that mean that there are any losers here!

Because all of the Macaroons I made this week are different, and delicious, I couldn’t narrow down which one to share with you – due to the mental dilemma, I decided the only logical option would be to share them all with you!

macaroon taste-test

We have: Whipped Egg Whites AND Condensed Milk Macaroons, Meringue Macaroons, & Simple Condensed Milk Macaroons

This is a *virtual* taste into what is coming…

whipped egg and condensed milk macaroons-0225

Whipped Egg White & Sweetened Condensed Milk Macaroons


 meringue macaroons-0204

Meringue Macaroons


 easy macaroons-0195

Simple Sweetened Condensed Milk Macaroons


3 Years Ago Today –  Chocolate Peanut Butter Layer Cake topped with Pretzels – an absolutely delicious cake

And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What foods have you tried and tried again to get just right?


Coconut Macaroons – 3 Ways — 3 Comments

  1. Did I miss something? The recipes? And which one is most like Man…… The first one? This is a great idea for easter my family would love them. I would like to try them

    • Nope Gail – you didn’t miss anything, recipes will be starting for the next few days (and once they are all published, THEN I will have them all linked here), and my opinion is yes… the 1st ones are most like what I was trying to achieve 🙂

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