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IT’S A GIRL! I have been quite quiet the past few months – we’ve had a lot going on! You may recall that I was baking a little Bun-in-the-Oven. Well, our little bun is fully baked and entered our family at the end of April.

newborn girl


baby chef spoon -via teacher-chef.com

Little Chef is perfect!

Recently MUCH of my “cooking” involves nursing… no recipes for that will be posted here! We’ve also started to make TONS of homemade baby foods – all organic yummy purees! I’ll work on compiling some of our favorites to share. 🙂 Please do not stress about the fact that Mister Chef and myself are not eating though! Yes, we are still eating, just not super fancy meals often and the camera seems to be pointed at Baby Chef more than our own plates.

As we’re finally settling into our new roles as full time parents with full time jobs – I really hope to not go months between posts anymore and finally settle into a routine in our new lives.

Baby Chef with Pot - via teacher-chef.com


baby chef smiling spoon - via teacher-chef.com


Teacher-Chef-Mom and Baby Chef at Teacher-Chef.com


And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… How did you/do you cope with the “new normal” of continuing your old life-style when adding a baby to your family?


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  1. Such beautiful photos of a gorgeous little girl! To answer your question, I really didn’t have to go back to my “normal” routine, since I didn’t return to work after my daughter was born. Although, adjusting to a new routine and making that the norm was tough! I suppose the key is to be flexible and expect that things won’t always go as you plan. As a teacher, I know you already do this (because you can’t survive without flexibility in a classroom), so you’ve already got half the battle won! 🙂

    • The “new normal” of having a lot of time available to you is almost harder sometimes than having limited time because you often feel you can “do it later” Flexibility is a key word – something that although I thought I was good at… I have gotten better; and have a long way to go still!

  2. its gonna be hard but it sure is gonna be also lots of fun and will brought more happiness,joys in life..
    such a cute mom and babe…
    happy eatin’ li’l chef..