Triple Decker Brownies

You may have seen these brownies floating around The Internet. They have been called many names… I am using the Family Friendly “Triple Decker Brownie” but they can also be called “3-Layer Brownies” or for those of you who are … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Cherry Cranberry Pistachio Drops

Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate AND Cookies, Chocolate but no Cookies… that is how we have arrived at today’s No-Bake Chocolate Treat! All you need in some melted chocolate (hello microwave), some chopped pistachios and some dried cherries or cranberries. Wanna talk … Continue reading

Peanut Butter Christmas Trees

At Christmas Time, people are baking batch after batch after batch of cookies. All of those cookies are absolutely fantastic, but today I have an impressive change of pace from cookies! These Christmas Trees are made all from store-bought supplies … Continue reading