Fruit Pizza

A fruit pizza may be one of the most beautiful, tasty (almost healthy), and impressive desserts that you can make! With just a cookie crust, a delicious spread of homemade frosting, and whatever fruits you and your family crave – … Continue reading

Chocolate Avocado Truffles

Chocolate Truffles: rich, decadent, creamy, classic, smooth, indulgent… everything that a Truffle should be – these are. EXCEPT, wait – is it possible that we have a Chocolate Truffle which tastes to-die-for are not going to ruin your whole day’s … Continue reading

Patriotic Fruit Pizza

Patriotic Fruit Cookie Cake – take some simply delicious Sugar Cookie topped with a light layer of Cream Cheese Frosting on pile on the freshest fruit you can find and you have a classic dessert sure to disappear. Fruit Pizza, … Continue reading