Olive Oil

Olive Oil: tastes good AND good for you!

I recently received notification that I will be getting some goodies from O&Co, Mediterranean Food Merchant. Although I have not come home to a package of this amazing surprise yet, I am so excited about the promise of some delicious Oil, Truffles, Olives, or whatever amazing treat they send me!

Why, you may wonder, am I so excited about getting some unknown treat? Well – just go take a look at their website and tell me that you don’t get hungry and inspired just looking! They have many things which are not “normal” ingredients in my kitchen (truffles, fancy-schmancy olives, ridiculously amazing looking pre-made sauces/spreads) but my mind starts to work overtime just thinking of the possibilities.

If you are wondering WHY you should enjoy more Olive Oil in your life, check out some of the benefits and then come back to shop. Fast-forward to having all these delicious new ingredients, well what do you do with them? O&CO has countless solutions for you on what to do (check out their Facebook Page for a daily dose of yummy), and I also have a few suggestions from my own website in which using good Olive Oil increases their wow flavor….

Dip your bread in Olive Oil


Ravioli gets taken to the next level with a good flavor (olive oil) on top

Shaved Asparagus Salad: simple and delicious


Homemade Sun dried Tomatoes, good quality Oil is mandatory


Roasting Tomatoes (with Olive Oil) for Soup


Goat Cheese Balls: with so few ingredients, each one has to be the best

AND you can always enjoy my favorite Salad Dressing which is just a 60-40 (ish) mix of good Extra Virgin Olive Oil and your favorite Red Wine Vinegar tossed over greens which have been seasoned with salt, pepper, dill, & garlic 🙂

This sponsorship is brought to you by O&CO. who we have partnered with for this promotion.

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