Mouse Mac & Cheese

Yes you read that right “MOUSE and Cheese” – no there are not any rodents in tonight’s post. Yes there is cheese (and yes, I am cheesy).

Mickeyroni & Cheese

The Mouse who is mentioned is none other than Mickey the Mouse whose very own Mac & Cheese we are enjoying as part of my birthday-week celebration! Walt Disney World and Mickey Mouse make “Mickeyroni & Cheese” which is really just Mac & Cheese with Mickey Mouse Glove shaped pasta pieces.

Disney Dinner Mouse & Cheese

Mickeyroni & Cheese… kinda Cool, kinda corny, kinda part of the celebration



… that is it – no recipe, no big story, just Mac & Cheese in the Shape of a Disney Icon to help celebrate me turning 30. I am living by Peter Pan’s Motto & “I won’t grow up” 🙂

Mickey Mac n Cheese  Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pops

Two Years Ago – Cake Pops & Balls… the solution to ugly cake!

And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… At what age (or what life event) did you find yourself feeling “grown up”?


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