Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

rosemary infused olive oil cover

Making your own Infused Olive Oils is not only an amazing gift (to yourself or others), but it also makes your house smell absolutely amazing! These Olive Oils are quite impressive looking. Homemade gifts show people that you care, and these oils are really are not that difficult at all. They take a little bit of time and attention to detail – but with just a little bit of effort, you can quite easily have impressive looking gifts!

rosemary infused olive oil

These Rosemary Infused Olive Oils you see here are actually our Wedding Favors! In addition to just having a beautiful bottle of homemade infused Olive Oil to bring home, our guests will also be able to see what table they will be sitting, since the bottles are doubling as favors and seating cards! These cards by the way, are just paint chips folded in half, glued so you can’t see the company info and then trimmed to get rid of the writing – free beautiful thick colored paper!!

 place cards

There are many tutorials around the web about how to make these oils – and it is really not difficult BUT you must make sure that whatever flavor you are infusing into your olive oil is clean and dry! Morgan over at Pepper Design Blog has one of the best and most informative (and photogenic) posts on this topic, please check out her site!

 rosemary infused olive oil bottles


1. Clean/Fresh Herbs AND Clean Bottles: Something important to remember here is to start with fresh & healthy herbs! Then you want to get some great bottles (Save-On-Crafts has tons of them in a great variety of sizes, we ended up getting ours from A.C.Moore when they had a sale). Once you get your bottles and ensure they have a solid seal, please wash them out thoroughly!

 washing rosemaryrinsing rosemary

olive oil bottles

drying rosemary


2. DRY Herbs: Once you have the bottles rinsed, they are going to need to dry out fully. You also want to clean your rosemary! Soak all your sprigs in a water bath for about an hour and then rinse in a colander a few times. Once you are sure they are fully clean, set out on a towel to dry for about 48 hours OR place in an Oven set to “Warm” for a couple hours (I voted to dry it on the dining room table, which helped make the house smell great too)


3. Heat Oil to get Herb Flavor: After everything is clean and ready – we are finally ready to do our Infusion! infusing olive oil on stove

Start off by pouring half of your Olive Oil and about a dozen sprigs of clean rosemary into a large pot on low heat. To keep the olive oil from deep frying your herbs, ensure that it all goes in at the same time and that at no point does the oil spatter (test this by dusting the oil with a tiny bit of water and it doesn’t sizzle, the oil should be luke warm). Let the mixture sit and infuse for 5-10 minutes, until the leaves of the rosemary begin to wilt and they turn a different shade of green. Turn heat off and let cool completely.

bottles with rosemary



4. Stuff your Bottles: While the Oil is infusing, put a sprig of rosemary (or two) into each bottle. DO NOT use the same rosemary that you used to infuse your oil – it is sad and pathetic looking by this point.

5. Carefully Fill your Bottles: Once your oil is cooled, use a small liquid measuring cup, or pancake pouring cup to scoop out Oil and (using a funnel) pour into each bottle. Fill each bottle about 1/2 way with the infused Oil and then fill the rest of the way with your fresh/plain oil.half-filled bottles of olive oil

6. Cork & Clean & Rest: For easy clean-up, pour the oil into bottles over a foil-lined sheet so you just need to scrunch up the foil and throw out! Cork well and let sit for about a week for full infusion. If you’re planning on gifting right away, the oil will still be deliciously infused after just a few days, but mention to the giftee that if they let it sit in the cupboard for a full two weeks the olive oil will reach its peak. I suggest putting a “use by” date on the bottles/labels. IF people must store for longer, the fridge is the way to go.

rosemary olive oils


And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What is the best homemade gift you have ever given/received?



Rosemary Infused Olive Oil — 36 Comments

  1. Oh what an awesome ideal we have a wedding in September and these would make great favors and if they do not want to do I am thinking Christmas baskets with the oil in it….Thanks so much…Hugs,

    • CONGRATS on the Wedding in September!!! I think I will be making more of these for the holidays as well 🙂

      • What is the use by date if I follow all of your instructions? 2 weeks after bottled if left out?

  2. Wow! My sister in law to be is so amazing and talented! These are gorgeous! Can’t wait for your beautiful wedding! Xoxoxo

  3. Can you do this with other herbs? I purchased a basil olive oil, but it was very expensive and since I have a huge bush of basil, I would like to try to make it on my own. Also, what type of olive oil did you use?

    • I think pretty much any herb would work! Be sure to wash & dry all herbs first! The herbs that go into the Olive Oils must be dry (not quite “dried” but almost there). I just used a regular Olive Oil (a huge tin), but would suggest maybe even using EVOO for the half that doesn’t get heated and then just a regular olive oil (make sure it is something high quality you would still want to enjoy) for the infusion!

      Let me know how the Basil Oil goes!!

      • Thank you for your reply. I can’t wait to try this! I will let you know how it turns out.

        CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming wedding!

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    • I personally hate storing oil in the fridge because it gets all thick – but I feel that in the fridge it could last upwards of 6 months. We just finished a bottle from our wedding (which is almost 4 months old now) and it has been out the whole time and it was fine – as a reference point!

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  6. Do I use fresh rosemary i the heated olive oil, or throw dried sprigs of olive oil into the oil being heated?

    • Jaime – EVERYTHING that I used was fresh! You will get the best flavors from the fresh rosemary, just be sure to give it plenty of time to dry after washing before using it (like 3 days)

      GOOD LUCK & Enjoy!!!

  7. Hi there,

    I plan on making these for my bridal shower, but I’m a bit nervous with the whole botulism thing. So basically we have to make sure the herbs are dried completely right? Also, I have read some recipes that say to put a sprig of rosemary in the bottle and then fill with EVOO, whereas this one says to infuse half of the oil with Rosemary on the stove first. Which method is better and which method yields the best flavour?



      Yes, make sure all Sprigs are TOTALLY dry (like 2-3 days dry, and we used a light fan just to be sure since it was summer). I also infused the raw oil with the rosemary to give it a deeper flavor. We actually just finished the last bottle (which still had the rosemary in it) this week (so 7+ months later) and we were fine (not that I am promising that there is not a risk, but just saying that we were ok).

      SO – yes, wash and dry 110% before using and then just go with it. If you want to skip the double infusing, that is fine – but you will have a much more mild flavor (so I say go all out!).

      ENJOY, Congratulations again & be sure to let me know what people think (or if you need anything else)


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  9. I have a table full of rosemary drying right now. I needed to prune my poor neglected rosemary bush. I am freaked out about botulism so am planning to totally dry the rosemary for 1-2 weeks. Then remove all the leaves. What do you think or know about chopping the leaves first in a blender or processor before adding to oil? I have some commercial Rosemay Oil I can compare it to after wards. I see where chopping basil up before infusion but not rosemary. Just wonder if there is a good reason…… Thanks.

    • I do not see a huge need to chop them up. I agree with you that with Basil a quick chop might help with the flavors – but yeah, I would not worry about chopping (one less step!) Be sure to let me know how it compares!!

  10. One more question. Did you keep your rosemary oil that lasted 7 months, on the shelf or in the refrigerator?

    • I am sure to be safe and secure that the fridge is best, but I actually have used it a year after production now, with one that was on the shelf with no worries!!!

  11. Hi! Made the infusion last night. I also found directions from Mark Witt of Bread Technique. He heated the oil and rosemary to 180 and cooled to 160 3 times to kill pathogens. So I included that with your directions. But on the last heat up I forgot to set my temp alert and it went to 206. Anyway it is actually stronger than the professionally made one. I made a lot so I think I will keep the large container in the fridge and a smaller one on the shelf. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

    • The make & cool method will for sure kill anything! I am so happy to have inspired you & know that you and those eating your food will really enjoy it!!

  12. Thanks so much for this!!! I cant wait to do this for my wedding!!! Can you please forward the template to me aswell!! tytytytytytu!!

  13. Hi how long can you keep this oil for and is it ok to leave out after you have infused it for the week??
    I recently made a recipe and the herbs all turned black after a month or so!

    • They will begin to darken after a bit – but when I made this I used it for months after when it was kept at room temperature (heck- I even had one bottle which we used a year after our wedding and had no adverse effects, but I can’t say that is the rule, I would go with a year as the exception)!

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  15. Hi! I just made these from your website and the olive oil I infused turned really cloudy. Almost opaque-like. I’m using these for my wedding next week so I am wondering–will it settle and the cloudiness go away or am I screwed lol! Thanks! -Rachel

    • eep – I would give it a day or so to see if the cloudiness disperses, but it does not sound good!! Was the rosemary still damp by any chance???? I am not optimistic – but I don’t know…..

      • I did not read this article prior to infusing the first time and my batch came out cloudy and the rosemary is discolored and almost looks like spores our growing on leaves.
        We are restarting from scratch, but do you think they were botulism spores?

  16. Hello! I just love this post and what a super cute idea! Want to do this for a party! Can you tell me where you got these bottles? Much appreciated!