Avocado: Hass vs Florida

I love living in Northern USA! I love the four seasons and welcoming each season with joy. I enjoy basking in the sun and then sledding & skiing in fresh powder, all in my own backyard.

There are a few things that I don’t love about living in Pennsylvania though. Not being able to grow our own Avocados is one of those reasons. If I were to ever choose to move to a warmer climate – the ability to grow things like avocados and lemons/limes AND longer growing season for other things would be one of the main reasons for the move! Because I do not ever plan to move south, I will just have to deal with imported produce and snagging these yummy fruits & veggies when they are in season and on sale!

Whenever Avocados go on sale, it is motivation for us to have Mexican (not like we ever need much motivation to have Mexican Food). Avocados are a great fruit for tons of other uses besides Mexican Cuisine, but we love Mexican food so much that I hardly ever stray far from the Mexican-Avocado Route!

I started to wonder though… which is “better” the Hass Avocado or the Florida Avocado!?!

florida and hass avocado taste test

The only way that I could think of to solve this dilemma was to do a good old fashioned side-by-side taste test! SO, we purchased one of each, measured, and tasted, and discussed. Here, we have our results for you.

hass and florida avocados

Hass Avocado VS Florida Avocado


HASS AVOCADO cut hass avocado

  • Easier to Cut
  • Yield: about 3/4 Cup
  • Harder to remove your pit
  • Even (buttery) Texture throughout the fruit
  • “Traditional” Avocado – flavored more like what I think of when I think “avocado” – almost like pure guacamole without the spices/flavorings of course, very deep flavors – almost nutty



cut florida avocadoFLORIDA AVOCADO

  • Hard to Cut & even harder to scoop out of the skin (without breaking through skin)
  • Pit is larger & Easily comes out of fruit
  • Yield: just over 1 cup
  • Sweeter/Fresher – almost an Earthy Flavor to it, somewhat tropical flavor – very fresh with some citrus undertones to the natural flavors, more of a light flavor
  • “Oily” Texture: it is almost like there are 2 textures to this one (kind of a squash-like texture)


SO, which one was better?

… it is a toss-up!

Cut florida and hass avocado

I preferred the flavor and texture of the Hass Avocado. Rich preferred the different flavor/textures that were going on in the Florida Avocado. Technically, you are getting a better bargain with the Florida. So which one do you buy… I say you go ahead and do a taste test & let me know what you think!!!

Bowl of hass avocadobowl of florida avocado
p.s. Other people have discussed this too – check out Quick & Dirty Tips for their feedback


killer pizza ingredients

One Year Ago – “Killer Pizza”

Pizza cooked from the back of a book I read with my students (mixing cooking & reading & my students, sounds like a winner to me!!)


And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What is your favorite (or least favorite) thing about living where you currently live?


Avocado: Hass vs Florida — 23 Comments

  1. Taste testing avocados sounds like a really tough job, but someone had to do it. If it was me I think I would have to do it every day for at least a week to make sure the results stayed the same. If you need any reason to suffer through more testing it might be to add in California avocados into the mix. Since that’s where I live I wonder how our indigenous avocados measure up to your other samples. I really would be interested to know the difference between Florida and California avocados. My guess is that I would be hard pressed to find Florida varieties here and equally hard for you to find California varieties. But thanks for your sacrificial suffering to provide us with this report.

    Ed M.

    • Ed, the hardships that I endure for my readers are amazing – let me tell you! You are right, I should probably do some more tests to be sure our results are accurate! Please let me know if there are any other culinary questions you have, I will endure more hardship for my readers any day…

      Adding California into the mix does sound like a great idea, I will keep my eyes peeled to see what I can find (and if all else fails, sounds like I need to go visit family in CA to do a test with local fruit)!

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  4. For the traditional, pre-Statin, ubiquitous grapefruit avocado salad, I find that the Florida avocado does a grand job, probably because it’s a a Southern tradition. However, for guacamole and sandwiches, really anything more savory that needs body and taste to stand on it’s own merits, Hass is the ticket. Have found that the longer, more oval ones ones have smaller pits, ergo, more flesh. Wish I could grow them as simply as herbs!
    Sallie F.

    • Sallie – your feedback here is GREAT! I agree that they each have their place on our plates, perfect dish descriptions; thanks for stopping by and your feedback!


  5. I am from Fl and Fl avocado’s are bigger & cheaper than Haas avocados.But I prefer the flavor of Haas. Fl avocado yields more but tastes flat to me

    • Charu, thank you for your opinion! I think that “flat” is a great way to describe the flavor (I agree with you, even if my husband doesn’t) – to each their own though I guess 🙂

  6. Question, I am not a fan of avocado’s {ducks and braces self}, but I’m moving to a low carb way of eating for health reasons, and avocado’s are highly recommended for the low carb as well as getting more of the good fats.

    I’ve come to like the Hass variety on sandwiches, but I’ve never been a fan of something like guacomole. It would seem i don’t like the texture more than an issue with taste.

    Would the Florida variety maybe be a better option for me?

    • You don’t like guacamole – just skip it!! If putting Hass on a sandwich works for you, than stick with it 🙂

      Florida Acocado seems much denser, so it might hold up better in a guacamole to give you a totally different texture! I would say give it a shot and see what you think (and be sure to come back and report your results to help me and others even more)!

      Good Luck, welcome to the dark side, & happy healthy eating!

  7. I live in Tampa Florida, and to me, it is not even close. The Haas Avocado wins the flavor test. To me, the Florida Avocado don’t even taste like an Avocado. I can not eat them by themselves, yet I can easily gobble down 2 Haas Avocado’s at a sitting. IMHO, Haas Avocado’s have flavor and texture that send me through the roof. I have to pay more for them, since Florida Avocado’s are grown right here in the Tampa area. I always lick my plate clean when I have a Haas Avocado, and love to get every last bit out of the skin. I only can wish they start to grow the Haas here in Florida some day, so I can afford them all the time. I think I will ask the Hillsborough County Agriculture Service here in Tampa, If the Haas can be grown here. If so, I would make a clean break, and never buy a Florida one again.

    • I wish I could grow Florida Avocados here in PA!!! So you and I are on the same page with avocados. Be sure to let me know if your local Ag Dept says it is possible, I am sure there would be much rejoicing!

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  9. Here in Jacksonville Florida, the florida avocados are generally apple shaped, instead of pear shaped and are HUGE. I can get 2 to 2.5 cups of yummy goodness out of one. To me, they taste about the same, so I rock them.

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  11. I’m from Jamaica and grew up on the tropical avocado (which I absolutely love). About 24 years ago I developed an allergy to the avocado and was miserable and hadn’t eaten it in 20 yrs. An acquaintance suggested that they bet if I went back home and got one from there I wouldn’t have the same reaction. It suddenly dawned on me that I grew up on the tropical one and not the one that is widely sold here… the hass. I decided to buy the tropical one and try it…..low and below I’ve been testing it for the past year with no allergic reaction. I’m kind of curious as to what could be in the hass that affects me and not the tropical type.

    • That is crazy!!! I am no scientist but I wonder if the “tropical” one has less pesticides or things to help it grow? Do you have other allergies!?

    • I grew up in the Philippines and loved avocados. When I moved in NY, was glad how easy it is to get avocados (Hass variety). Soon I realized that I developed allergies to avocados. Few years later, I saw some avocados that looked like the avocados I grew up with–The Florida avocados, that stayed green when riped. I had to try them! I was surprised that I didn’t have an allergic reaction. Now, I can enjoy avocados again as long as they are not Hass or as long as they turn black (skin) when ripe.

  12. The Florida avocado is more nutrient packed than the California grown.

    Fat- Fl. 31g – Ca. 21g
    Potassium- FL. 1067mg – CA. 690mg
    Protein- FL. 7g – CA. 2.7g
    Vitamin C- FL. 80% – CA. 20%
    Magnisium- FL. 18% – CA. 9%

    So, as far as I concerned, with the layers of flavor and the yield added to the nutrional value, Florida avocado wins hands down!

  13. I just purchased a HUGE Florida avocado, and my daughter and I were impressed with its nutty and yes, almost citrusy flavor. The texture was not at all off-putting, and this Florida avocado, allowed to ripen until soft, was easy to cut through, and the peel came off easily from the fruit. Price wise, this Florida avocado was less than half the cost of the Hass avocados. I’ll be buying Florida avocados again, as long as they’re in stock! Thanks for the great review! –Ginger