Caramel Apple Martini

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National Caramel Apple Martini

If you remember, earlier this month, I told you that October is National Apple Month AND National Caramel Month! There are many great ways to celebrate these two delicious foods on their own. The options are endless, and I hope that you celebrate all month long in as many ways as possible! On October 21st though, you need to celebrate these two delicious items together, No Excuses, because October 21 is National Caramel Apple Day! Even when it is NOT National Caramel Apple Day, you still to make time to sip and enjoy this delicious cocktail!!

Salted Caramel Apple Martini

Apples and Caramel are a match made in heaven. From a young age, Apples covered in Caramel and other goodies bring a smile to  people’s faces. Young and Old love their healthy apples to be smothered in delicious sweetness. The satisfying sweet and slightly tart combination just is perfect – and this is coming from a chocolate lover!

toasting fall Caramel Apple Martini

 Vodka and Caramel and Apples Martini

In recent years there have been tons of new flavored spirits on the market – Smirnoff and Pinnacle are leading the pack with their flavored vodkas. By taking a delicious Caramel Vodka and mixing it together with Fresh Apple Cider, you will be able to raise a glass and toast National Caramel Apple Day!


Celebrate Fall Caramel Apple Martini

I raise my glass to you – let’s celebrate!

Apple Caramel Martini


Caramel Apple Martini
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 1
  • 2 oz Smirnoff Caramel (OR Pinnacle Salted Caramel OR even Buttershots)
  • 3 oz Fresh Apple Cider
  • Handful of Ice Cubes
  • Caramel to rim the Glass (optional, but highly recommended)
  • Course Salt to rim the Glass (optional, but highly recommended)
  1. Lightly dunk the top of your glass into the caramel and then the salt.
  2. Pour your liquids into a cocktail shaker with the ice
  3. Shake for a few seconds, then pour into your glass
We did not rim our glass in salt, but tried it shortly after taking the photos, and would add a light dusting of salt to our rim next time we try this!

Inspired by Ruby Tuesday’s Caramel Apple Martini – Ruby Tuesday Cocktail Copycat


Smirnoff Caramel Apple Martini



Another way to celebrate (and this one is kid-friendly) National Caramel Apple Day is to make some Caramel Apple Shakes!

Vanilla Caramel Apple Shakes


Need Martini Glasses? Click here to buy real classic style martini glasses.


And I leave you with this, Today’s Question of the Day… What is your favorite way to enjoy Apples & Caramel?


Caramel Apple Martini — 12 Comments

  1. Apples and caramel definitely are a match made in heaven! This drink is so fun! And I love the slice of apple for garnish!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Ashley, I think your website may be one of my new “top faves” And you are right, this is a delicious drink 🙂

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  3. I just had one last night at Ruby Tuesday’s and that is now my favorite drink! It was outstanding!