Fruit Pizza

A fruit pizza may be one of the most beautiful, tasty (almost healthy), and impressive desserts that you can make! With just a cookie crust, a delicious spread of homemade frosting, and whatever fruits you and your family crave – this stunning dessert is guaranteed to be the centerpiece of your dessert table, no matter what season or gathering it may be for!

Easter Egg Dessert Fruit Pizza | via teacher-chef 2015 Continue reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Baked Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a go-to breakfast staple for young and old. Thanks to Instant Oatmeal, we can go from oats to breakfast in less than two minutes in the microwave. The health benefits of oatmeal stick with you long after the dishes are done. The satisfied feeling of a nice warm breakfast also stick with you up until lunch time so you can avoid unnecessary snacking (unless of course you want a snack – then go for it, but since you are probably still full from breakfast, you won’t need the snack)!

Reese's Baked Oatmeal | via 2015

Baked Oatmeal is an amazing way to get all of the health benefits of Oatmeal without the texture that some people don’t like from a bowl of oatmeal. In addition to getting a totally different mouth-feel by baking your oatmeal, you can also add in whatever amazing flavors you want to baked oatmeal. Seriously – I love Oatmeal, it is such a blank canvas for whatever you want to add to it!!! Continue reading

Chocolate Avocado Truffles

Chocolate Truffles: rich, decadent, creamy, classic, smooth, indulgent… everything that a Truffle should be – these are. EXCEPT, wait – is it possible that we have a Chocolate Truffle which tastes to-die-for are not going to ruin your whole day’s worth of healthy eating choices?

Chocolate Avocado Truffles | via 2015

I am by no way saying that these Chocolate Truffles are healthy, but by using Avocado instead of the more traditional Heavy Cream you are able to enjoy these with less guilt! Continue reading

Sticky Buns – Bun in the Oven

A phrase such as “There are STICKY BUNS in the OVEN” is sure to get smiles, hugs, and tears of joy from most people in your household. Another phrase which is sure to get people running and make them have the same reaction of smiles, hugs, and tears of joy is “There is a BUN in the OVEN”

…lucky for you, today I am uttering both those phrases!

Sticky Bun in the Oven | via 2014

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Leftover Turkey Quesadilla

Quesadillas are amazing food! You can make them in a rush with just some cheese in the microwave (a go-to quick meal when we were in college – thanks to a good friend who introduced it to us, not crispy but still perfect with a bowl of sour cream). As a Grown-Up, I love to just throw a tortilla shell into a pan – a mix of flavors from the cheese and a bit of spice to add some extra flavor to kick it up… cooked over medium heat and flipped for a few minutes. Served with just some sour cream or your favorite salsa or fresh guacamole or even taken to the next level with a family-favorite chili – its a go-to “we aren’t cooking tonight” dinner!

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Chocolate Pecan Pie


Chocolate Pecan Pie | 2014

┬áPecan Pie is a Holiday Favorite on tables around the country! Sometimes Pecan Pie is so incredibly sweet that your teeth almost hurt. You would think that the addition of Chocolate to this Pecan Pie would make this even sweeter – but contrary to popular belief, the addition of chocolate chips actually cuts some of the sweetness and gives you the best of everything pie has to offer!

Chocolate Pecan Pie | 2014

Chocolate added to almost anything makes it even better (in my opinion). My family 100% agrees with me on the deliciousness of this pie. I am not even trying to put into words the deliciousness of the pie (I should have written down the quotes while family was eating in order to share with you) Continue reading