Roasted Brussels Sprouts perfect for dipping

You guys – seriously… keep reading! I know you might be thinking “UGH; Brussels Sprouts” – but I urge you to try these if you aren’t already a fan of these delicious mini-cabbage delicious things. If you already know how awesome these guys are, then you need to make these now.

roasted brussel sprout bites via

I’ve made these Roasted Brussels Sprout bites countless times. They are perfect for serving as an appetizer with the dipping sauce on the side (and some toothpicks or fingers). They also make a great side dish with the “dipping sauce” then drizzled over top. Continue reading

Chocolate Crumb Donuts


teacher-chef chocolate crumb donut

Chocolate isn’t the healthiest option for a balanced breakfast. Donuts aren’t the healthiest option for a balanced breakfast. SO; we obviously should combine them to get all of our bad choices out of the way at the same time, first thing in the morning!! Continue reading

Breakfast Peach Cobbler

We all eat dessert for breakfast… we may pretend not to OR justify the fact that “its just a bite” so its ok OR maybe you just go ahead and go for it and proudly eat those sweets for breakfast! Well, now it doesn’t matter what level of dessert-eating-guilt you currently have because this Peach Cobbler is Breakfast Approved!

.Breakfast Peach Cobbler Teacher-Chef-9929

There is nothing not to love about your traditional peach cobbler… Continue reading

DIY Spice Rack

Organization is KEY! Without organization in your life; there will be chaos! The more organized and prepared you are while cooking, the easier it is going to be! The easier it is, the more enjoyable it is, and the more enjoyable it is, the tastier it is!

Teacher-Chef Spice Storage-9856

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Teacher – Chef – MOM

IT’S A GIRL! I have been quite quiet the past few months – we’ve had a lot going on! You may recall that I was baking a little Bun-in-the-Oven. Well, our little bun is fully baked and entered our family at the end of April.

newborn girl


baby chef spoon -via

Little Chef is perfect!

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