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Long story short… feel free to use my content BUT link back to me (fair is fair- give credit where credit is due, that is my policy). Actually, check out David Lebovitz’s article about the “right way” to use a recipe and link to a person 🙂


Feel free to get in touch with me,, if you have any questions or don’t want to post publicly on my page!


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  1. Rachel dear,
    I look your recipes, and would love to print them out so that I can file them. Is there a secret to doing this without all the photos and extraneous material?
    Aunt Gloria

    • My best option at this point would be to highlight just the recipe and then either copy/paste into a Word document OR once highlighted you can “print only the selection” which will print only what you have highlighted. I am looking into a “print-it” add-on where you could click on a link to allow yourself to just view/print the recipe though! 🙂

      So glad you are enjoying everything you are reading

  2. I so enjoyed the picture of your chocolate covered orange slices. I was wondering if I could use your main picture with a link right back to your blog. I am featuring ideas of things to dip in chocolate. I would not give away any of your content, simply the picture and they would need to go to your site to find the recipe etc…

    Thanks for letting me know if this would be fine with you.

    • Melissa – I would be honored if you used (& linked back) to my images. Please be sure to share your feature of dipping things in chocolate with me… sounds like a perfect post!!!!

  3. Very nice website, but please reconsider the chocolate covered balloons. Balloons or pieces of a broken balloon pose a potential hazard, for a child as they could swallow or suck them into her throat. The danger sometimes happens with uninflated balloons when the child is trying to blow one up, but can also happen when a balloon breaks (some children suck on the balloons) A small child may not be able to hold the balloon tightly enough; as he sucks in, the balloon could be pulled down into his mouth or throat. The balloon can be inhaled, leading to brain damage or death. My concern arose, because as a child I knew a boy who this happened to. He survived, but was forever brain damaged. He could not even attend school.
    Other than the chocolate covered balloons, your website is wonderful.

    • Jane, I am glad that you enjoy my website. Thank You for voicing your concern. The Chocolate “covered” Balloons are just the way to create the bowl and a mold. I hear your concerns with how balloons can be a hazard, but lets be honest… most things in the kitchen can be a hazard to a child! When I have children, they will not be allowed to help me with things which could be a danger to their health. The balloons are blown up (by an adult) and then dipped in hot chocolate (by an adult) and then when set – an adult should pop the balloon to remove any rubber still on the chocolate before using the chocolate as your serving device!

  4. I am cooking white beans and have limes we are trying to do something with before they get thrown out and wa la I found your cilantro white bean lime soup recipes…. a nice blog ….. my thanks Tom Farrell

  5. I cannot seem to access your crockpot apple butter recipe via pinterest or your website. Is there any way you could check into this? I don’t know that I will remember to come back here and check for a response but…where there’s a will, there’s a way 😉

  6. Hi, I’m so happy to find your blog when I was searching for a rum cake recipe because in my experience seldom do I find a very good recipe while searching on the net, usually it needs tweaking. However, your rum cupcake recipe was perfect because when I made your recipe it was a winner!

    I also liked the way you leave questions for your readers to think about at the end. As well as having a recap of your best recipe for the year.

    Good job, teacher and chef! Keep it up! Looking forward for more great recipes for 2014!

    • Thank You so much for linking up!! I cannot wait to see your comparison of the differences! I do the same thing with bananas, sometimes buying the browner ones for cheaper in the store just to freeze them – frozen bananas daily in my smoothie, although I have yet to add avocado!!

  7. At the top of your page there’s a picture of a white frosted cake, partly covered in a ganache. I’ve seen a similar cake once and they called it a tuxedo cake. I don’t know how to look up the recipe for the cake in the picture.

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