Eye Catching & Mouth Watering

Below are some websites & blogs that have caught my eye, made my mouth water, & keep me coming back!

  • Allrecipes.com (where I got my start with playing)
  • FoodGawker (with a name like that – how could I not fall in love!?)
  • Calorie Counter (not that we always want to know – but when I’m trying to cook healthy – a great resource!)
  • Simply Recipes (family food blog – everyday classic foods)
  • Food Holidays (who knew that there were so many “national [insert food here] days”)
  • FOOD REFERENCE (come on – I’m a teacher, a reference web site all about food – check it out, plus quotes which I love)
  • Food & Wine Magazine’s 4 Week Diet Plan (yum, tasty, delicious recipes which are all secretly good for you!)


  • Sweet Pea’s Kitchen (Illinois Elementary School Teacher, her co-workers have got to be the luckiest people with all of her delicious daily treats)
  • Annie’s Eats (Midwest Mom with some of the most beautiful photos and tasty treats)
  • Running to the Kitchen (NYC girl with a tasty recipe every time – she always seems to post exactly what I would want to eat that day)
  • Girl Who Ate Anything (a woman after my own heart – with 3 kids she still has time time and energy to keep this up… something to work towards)
  • Cooking with my Kid (a Mom who cooks, with her two children, every day in order to expand their tastes as well as share it with us, I hope to be able to cook as well/much as she does when I become a mom!)
  • and MANY more….Pinterest Logo

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Eye Catching & Mouth Watering — 5 Comments

  1. Have you tried any freezer jams? or canned tomatoes? or have a good recipe for pickled beet eggs (I have to try these this year for Chels!) I am so making the chocolate mocha cake : )

  2. Hi this is Zoan from class I am going to try to make the tree. This is a awesome blog with so many awesome things I want to try to make them all!

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